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Mr. Don Aiken,

While fishing out of Rocky Shore Lodge on Perrault Lake last week my Mercury 225 Pro XS developed some problems. A quick call to your facility the next morning enabled us to make a cursory diagnosis of the problem and fortunately you had the parts in stock to make the repairs.

We quickly drove from Perrault Falls to Red Lake and your very courteous and attentive staff got my boat right in and in just a little over an hour had us on the road back to Perrault. That afternoon I boated a 41" and 48" musky while my fishing buddy boated a 50 incher! I can't thank you enough for getting us back on the water so we could catch these monsters. We travel almost 1200 miles one way to fish there every year, so you can imagine the disappointment we were facing with the thought of an early departure looming before us. I would like to give a special shout out to John for the quick repairs, to Cheri and Bob for entertaining us while we waited and for also advising me to contact VISA and get pre-approval for the purchase to speed up our departure. As a small business owner myself, I know the value of good employees and I can say I think you have a great staff. I wish you nothing but continued success. Good luck and God bless!

Springdale, Arkansas, USA
Red Gambler bass boat w/ Mercury 225 ProXS



I just wanted to let you know you and your employees are over the top! I could t have been taken care of any better. I was in a horrible situation on the river. Within an hour I had another boat to use and my boat was on its way to the shop for repair. That's 1st class service! I wish every business took the approach you do. It's just overwhelming how good you guys are. Thanks again Don and my hats off to you and your whole team.
 Kevin Henter
 Gator Excavating, Inc.